Well, folks, the holiday shopping season is upon us! Are your Etsy shops ready?

I thought I’d share a few suggestions to for getting yourselves and your shops in the spirit, if you haven’t gotten yourselves there already!

We decorate our homes and our brick-and-mortar retail establishments — why not our Etsy shops?  Put up a festive seasonal banner in your shop to welcome in holiday shoppers.

Big box stores do it, and so can you!  Black Friday sales, holiday specials, contests, VIP Shopper events — be creative, work your promotional magic, and bring in the customers!


Gift cards are a great way for your shoppers to give (and get!) the gift of handmade and vintage.  Choose your denominational amounts, create a simple graphic, and you’re all set.  To create a physical gift card to send to the buyer, print or draw your own on index cards.  If the buyer is purchasing the GC for someone other than themself, you can also offer to send it directly to the intended recipient.  Just be sure to protect yourselves (and your sellers) by stating very clear guidelines about how the gift cards can be used.   


Offer gift wrap services! If your buyer is sending their purchase as a gift, offer to ship to directly to the recipient and offer to gift wrap.  You can choose to offer this as a free service or at a small additional upcharge.


The main goal of EEWIL is promoting each other (and ourselves!) through the creation of Etsy Treasuries.  This is one of the best ways to get your shop and other EEWIL‘s members’ shops some excellent PR!  Creating Holiday-themed, Gift Guide, or Shopping Handbook Treasuries will draw in views AND get you in the spirit.   If you need some inspiration, check out the great Treasuries below created by EEWIL members.
Dear Santa All I Want Is A White Christmas by AsianUyen
Who Needs Black Friday? by GemsCrystalsandWire

Winter Solstice Celebration by DesigningImpressions

Got any other holiday ideas? Please share them as comments — we’d love to hear from you!


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