Easy Tagging, At Your Service


There’s been a lot of discussion on our FB page recently about tagging items if you’re a member of the Etsy Team and also how to search for Team Members, so it seemed like a blog post might be in order.
First, let’s talk about TAGGING:
If you’re a Team member who’s interested in tagging the items in your shop with the EEWIL tag, but you’re finding the task a little daunting because of the volume of stock you’ve got, etsyonsale.com has a great tagging app that makes things go quite quickly — all you need is a Google account — and special thanks are in order for DesigningImpressions for sharing the info in our Team discussion board on Etsy and also on our FB group wall. 

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with etsyonsale (I wasn’t until I read DesigningImpression’s post!) and want to know more about it, here’s a Storque article that explains its purpose.  (It also comes in handy for setting large-scale sales in your shop! BONUS!)

If you’re ready to try the tagging app, head over to etsyonsale, and follow these steps:
1) Click the red “Sellers” link in the top right corner of the screen
2) Sign in with your Google account

3) Choose your time zone, make sure the checkbox is clicked (etsyonsale will send you an email when it’s done adding tags so you don’t have to keep checking back), and click “Authorize Access”

4) You will be taken to a page that tells you an app would like to connect to your account — read through what’s on that page and then click the “Allow Access” button if you want to proceed
5) Click your shop banner to begin
6) Click the “Tagging Tool” link
7) Choose “Add, ”
8 ) Decide if you want to replace the last tag or skip the item if you’ve used all of your tags, click the appropriate button for your choice
9) Choose “All Listings” (or just certain sections of your shop) from the drop-down menu
10) Enter EEWIL as the tag you wish to apply
11) Click “Apply”

If you left the checkbox from Step 3 checked, you’ll received an email from etsyonsale when the app is all finished tagging your items.  Speed of tagging depends on your internet connection — it took about five minutes for it to tag all 120+ items in my shop.

Now, on to SEARCHING:There are a few ways you can search for EEWIL members if you are trying to build a Treasury.

1) Use the list of group member shops that’s under the “Info” Tab of our Facebook Group Page.  The list is divided into “Participating” and “Non-Participating.”  The goal is to give priority Participating members’ shops, then move to the Non-Participating members’ shops if you still need more items for your collection

2) Search for the EEWIL tag using Etsy‘s in-site search feature.  Choose “All Items” from the drop-down menu, enter EEWIL, and click “Search”

3) If you’re a member of the Etsy Team, you can see a list of Team Members by going to the “Members” section of the Team.  Everyone who is a member of the Etsy Team is a Participating Member of EEWIL. It’s a smaller group, because we’ve limited Team access to members who are currently listed as Participating.

Hope this helps!  Please feel free to comment here if you’ve got questions or more info to add!


TAG! You’re It!

For those of you who have already joined our Etsy Team, please feel free to tag items in your shop as “eewil.” Doing this will create a sort of “directory” of team member shops.

If you haven’t yet joined the Team, membership is gained by application or invitation only. Victoria is currently in the process of sending invites to all EEWIL members who are currently hold “Participating” status on our FB page info tab — however, because Etsy only allows us to send out 25 invites per day, you are welcome to fill out an application if you don’t want to wait for the invite.  Those of you who currently hold “Non-Participating” status will not receive an invite and are required to fill out an application.  CLICK HERE to send in your application.

Also, please remember to keep creating those Treasuries!  They are the backbone of our group, and also what ensures that you have access to all things EEWIL — membership in the Etsy Team is subject to the same terms as membership in our FB group!