TAG! You’re It!

For those of you who have already joined our Etsy Team, please feel free to tag items in your shop as “eewil.” Doing this will create a sort of “directory” of team member shops.

If you haven’t yet joined the Team, membership is gained by application or invitation only. Victoria is currently in the process of sending invites to all EEWIL members who are currently hold “Participating” status on our FB page info tab — however, because Etsy only allows us to send out 25 invites per day, you are welcome to fill out an application if you don’t want to wait for the invite.  Those of you who currently hold “Non-Participating” status will not receive an invite and are required to fill out an application.  CLICK HERE to send in your application.

Also, please remember to keep creating those Treasuries!  They are the backbone of our group, and also what ensures that you have access to all things EEWIL — membership in the Etsy Team is subject to the same terms as membership in our FB group!